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Set up Campaign or Promotion

Field: Original, Effective, Contract Organize, Contract Level, Contract Type, Quantity, Unit, Discount Percent, Discount Amount, Special Price, Addition Percent, Addition Amount, Allotment for Agency, Discount Condition

Original Contract Corporate
Name Campaign, Promotion, Contract Type
EffectiveDate Range of date for Campaign, Promotion and Contract
Populate Agency, Contract Company for set a Campaign orPromotion

or employee for set a commission

Level Position Level, Customer group
GroupType Product / Room No/ Room Type
Unit Unit for set a Campaign or Promotion
Quantity Quantity for such as stay 3 days
NetAmount Standare Price
AllocateRate For agency
Condition Condition for calculate
AddedTime Range of Check-In - Check-Out
  • Run Auto TransactionNo จาก RunningNumber
  • Default Date for Campaign or Promotion by System Date
  • QUERY: SELECT Original, Name, Populate, Level, GroupType, Unit, Quantity, NetAmount, AllocateRate, AdditionAmount, AdditionFlatRate, DiscountAmount, DiscountFlatRate, Rate, Condition, AddedTime, EffectiveDate FROM Privilege

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