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ERP / E-Resource
Enterprise Resource Planning
- Financial
- Front Office
- Manufacturing
- Human Resource
- Accounting Format
- Relation Diagram
- Transaction Diagram
- Customer Relation Management
EBP / E-Business
Enterprise Business Planning
ECP / E-Commerce
Enterprise Commerce Planning
EIP / E-Intellignece
Enterprise Intelligence Planning
High-Speed Cluster OODB

ECP (Enterprise Commerce Planning)


     ECP (Enterprise Commerce Planning) prepare for business planning marketing ( Community ) and to do a business ( Transaction ). ECP prepare a system for plan, define a policy and customer relation condition (CRM-Customer Relation Management)

    For example of business planning marketing ( Marketing - Community ) that a define a sale policy is up to each customer condition. That sale policy will make a high performance and make an appreciate of community


C2B ( Commerce to Business )

C2B is a internal service application for business that support ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Application and like a center of company and business

C2B contains as:

  1. ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning )
  2. ERP is an application for do a business such as budget. ERP is contain a Financial Management System, Human REsource Management System, Manufacturing Management System and Customer Relation Management (CRM).

  3. Virtual Office Park

Virtual Office prepare for JiniCommerce.Com to move a office to cyberspace that work on internet. Virtual Office is include a service for many business. The office on virtual office is no need a location, JiniCommerce.Com have a function for a secretary to follow a business in each step. JiniCommerce.Com is automatic transfer a data of next transaction to customer and a relate person. For example, when customer is sending a purchase order to supplier the system is automatic checking credit limit of   customer and then reply a confirm letter to customer.

JiniCommerce.Com have a funciton for a accountant that automatic checking credit of customer. JiniCommerce.Com is automatic transfer a data to general ledger system.

JiniCommerce.Com prepare a coordinate person for exchange a document and support a standard quality system ISO9000 and ISO2000 from the customer is order a product until delivery a product. And JiniCommerce.Com will be inform a status to customer for every step.


B2B ( Business to Business )

     B2B is a community business. The asia business alway have a support to another company such as to purchase a raw material and borrow a raw material. B2B is a coordinate for a business and make a income to your organization.


B2B is contain:

  1. Distributor
  2. Distributor is a center of distribute a product from factory to customer. Distributor have a function for selling and delivery. Distributor is a department of organization.

    Customer can selecting a distributor yourself. Customer only define a condition in JiniCommerce.Com and send to distributor. Distributor will be prepare for delivery and reply an information to customer. JiniCommerce.Come will be alway to connect with customer when have a new transaction or transaction is modify.

  3. Distributor Take care center

This module have a function for prepare a data for company to be connect distributor. Customer can verify and follow a business of distributor such as delivery a product to customer. Customer can checking a inventory stock when purchase a product.


B2C ( Business to Customer )

     B2C is a trading business. You can order a product and service via internet. Customer can find a many product and service. B2C will be reduce a middleman and make an income to organization look like B2B.

     B2C is include a front office system that can connect with a public commerce and immediately response to customer such as booking a cenima, follow a diagnosis. B2C can support you at home.

B2C is contain

  1. Shopping 
  2. Shopping is look like a show room on internet. Customer can connect with every supplier and do a business and require a status of document in every process.

  3. Maintenance and After serviceÂ
  • Customer Requirement

This is a contract after service. The system will be record a data of service partner and keep to history. This service is include a maintenance record.

  • Answer a question

This service support for JiniCommerce Module and don't have a service charge that only register to website and get a password.

  • Answer a question by Expert System & Simulation

This is a sevice type for support a customer by expert system and display a picture of product. User can explain a problem by a picture. This method can make a correction solving and quickly.

This method don't have a sevice charge that only use an application on browser via internet.

C2C ( Commerce to Community )

     C2C prepare a business for control a business policy in bidding, recruitment or advertise. C2C will be follow and verity a marketing for Customer Relation Managemen (CRM). C2C will be evaluate a business and summary a result.

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