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JiniSoft Product
JiniSoft Billing
ERP / E-Resource
Enterprise Resource Planning
- Financial
- Front Office
- Manufacturing
- Human Resource
- Accounting Format
- Relation Diagram
- Transaction Diagram
- Customer Relation Management
EBP / E-Business
Enterprise Business Planning
ECP / E-Commerce
Enterprise Commerce Planning
EIP / E-Intellignece
Enterprise Intelligence Planning
High-Speed Cluster OODB

EIP (Enterprise Intelligence Planning)

EIP (Enterprise Intelligence Planning) EIP use an information to more efficiency planning. EIP will be use a customer data by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) and ECP (Enterprise Commerce Planning) of JiniSoft to analysis and bring a result to do a simulation for management level of organization. A management Level will be use a result to development an organization.


AI (Architecture Intelligence)

This system is help a user for modify, evaluate and solve a problem by convert to a description language. And system will be use an information from business transaction to solve a problem that call Feedback Control Process


This is a result of evaluation of database of ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning and ECP - Enterprise Commerce Planning and then use an information to do a business.


Simulation will be simulate a situation, analysis a data from ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning and ECP - Enterprise Commerce Planning and evaluate a simulation. Simulation will be evaluated by management level of organize.



Public Economic

Public Economic is a database of behavior of people by product and quality of product.

 Comma Economic

Comma Economic is a database of a business by a rate of growing or rate for saling.

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