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ERP / E-Resource
Enterprise Resource Planning
- Financial
- Front Office
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- Manufacturing
- Human Resource
- Accounting Format
- Relation Diagram
- Transaction Diagram
- Customer Relation Management
EBP / E-Business
Enterprise Business Planning
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Enterprise Commerce Planning
EIP / E-Intellignece
Enterprise Intelligence Planning
High-Speed Cluster OODB

Front Office System)
    1. Reservation & Appointment System
    2. Registration System
    3. Folio & Order System
    4. Pharmacy System
    5. Cashier System
    6. Housekeeping System


Reservation & Appointment System

  • Reservation

Reservation system is an expert system that verify a room type, introduce for adjust a room. Reservation system is appropriate for E-Commerce. User can online booking a room

Reservation system allow to verify a room price by customer

Reservation system is automatic verify a customer condition and immediately reply a status to customer

Reservation system automatic confirm letter to customer

Customer can inform a requirement, verify a discount, promotion and other expense.

  • Appointment

Customer can checking a date-timer for appointment

System automatic checking a schedule.


Registration System

  • Register

Automatic display a reservation date

On-line verify room type by user requirement

System automatic inform expense when register

Automatic verify discount and promotion

Automatic checking a customer's credit limit

Automatic deposit receipt to Account

  • Check-Out

Data is flowing by diagram transaction

  • Nurse Station

Preliminary data of patient and send a data to doctor such as symtom of patient, allergy, temperature, pressure


Folio & Order System

Verify a stock of drug, price.

System not allow to use lower price, if must use lower price must have approver person.

System allow to set many level of approval.

System is automatic a customer's credit.

System is automatic transfer a data to account receivable system and general ledger system


Pharmacy System

System support a substitute drug.

Drug master can set a standard dosage, instrution, caution and side effect.

Doctor is an entry a drug for customer and pharmacist is dispensing a drug.

System have an alert when stock is low.

Can use barcode for control inventory stock.

Can transfer a drug between department or warehouse


Cashier System

Use a folio / order system data

System not allow to modify a price, an use a lower price than price list, if you use a low price. You must have a approve person.

System allow to set many level of approval.

System allow to set many type for payment such as cash credit card.


Housekeeping System

User can insert a addition expense of customer

System can control a inventory stock and room status.

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