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ERP / E-Resource
Enterprise Resource Planning
- Financial
- Front Office
- Manufacturing
- Human Resource
  HR Detail
  HR Diagram
- Accounting Format
- Relation Diagram
- Transaction Diagram
- Customer Relation Management
EBP / E-Business
Enterprise Business Planning
ECP / E-Commerce
Enterprise Commerce Planning
EIP / E-Intellignece
Enterprise Intelligence Planning
High-Speed Cluster OODB

(Human Resource Management System)


Organization & Position

Organization Management.jpg (13192 bytes)

QUERY: SELECT Original, Name, Account, Security, Access1, Access2, Access3, Access4, Access5 FROM Department

SELECT Original, Name, Level FROM Position

Payroll Base

Payroll Base.jpg (23748 bytes)

Note Payroll Code as payroll, rent, hardship allowance, travel allowance, over time, fuel, tax, provident fund

QUERY: SELECT PayrollBase.Original, PayrollBase.Department, PayrollBase.Position, PayrollBase.JobClass, PayrollBase.Salary, PayrollGroupMaster.PayrollCode, PayrollGroupMaster.PerUnit, PayrollGroupMaster.RateFlag, PayrollGroupMaster.TaxFlag, PayrollGroupMaster.PayrollType, PayrollGroupMaster.RateOrAmount FROM PayrollBase, PayrollGroupMaster WHERE PayrollBase.Original=PayrollGroupMaster.Original and PayrollBase.Department =PayrollGroupMaster.Department and PayrollBase.Position = PayrollGroupMaster.Position and PayrollBase.JobClass = PayrollGroupMaster.JobClass


Welfare.jpg (8704 bytes)

QUERY: SELECT Original, ContractOriginal, ContractDate, Library, JobClass, Quantity, PerAmount, Unit, LimitAmount, DiscountRate FROM Welfare


Seminar.jpg (4835 bytes)

QUERY: SELECT Original, SeminarCourse, Department, Position, JobClass FROM Seminar


Evaluation.jpg (5555 bytes)

Weight Value for multiply with score
AddedScore Addition Score (+) or Subtractor Score (-)

QUERY: SELECT Original, Name, Department, Position, JobClass, Level, Weight, AddedScore FROM Evaluation

Manpower Plan

Budget.jpg (6353 bytes)

QUERY: SELECTOriginal, TransactionType, TransactionNo, TransactionDate, CostCenter, AccountCode, Department, Position, Quantity, Price, Unit, Amount FROM Budget

Manpower Request

RecruitRequest.jpg (9362 bytes)

QUERY: SELECT RecruitTransaction.Original, RecruitTransaction.Department, RecruitTransaction.Position, RecruitTransaction.RecruitDate, RecruitTransaction.Quantity, RecruitTransaction.RequestPopulate, RecruitTransaction.Approval, RecruitTransaction.Reason, RecruitTransaction.Status, Position.CodeType FROM RecruitTransaction, PositionDetail WHERE RecruitTransaction.Original = Position.Original and RecruitTransaction.Position = Position.Name

Recruitment (Applicant)

Applicant.jpg (40902 bytes)

Select Applicant

Matching between request position, knowledge, experience with applicant position, knowledge, experience.

Recruitment.jpg (36363 bytes)

Employee History

EmployeeHistory.jpg (19967 bytes)

QUERY: SELECT Original, Employee, Date, Department, Position, JobClass, Salary, SeminarCourse, SeminarDate, Leave, WelfareContract, WelfareType, Amount, Virtue, Fault, Result FROM EmployeeHistory

Working Time Table

DepartmentStatus.jpg (6312 bytes)

QUERY: SELECT Original, Department, DateOfWeek, People, WorkTime, EffectiveDate, WorkLoad, Status FROM DepartmentStatus

Working Time Transaction

QUERY: SELECT Original, Department, People, Doctor, Date, Time, Status FROM DepartmentTransaction

Working Expense ( in Payment Voucher)

PaymentVoucher.jpg (24349 bytes)

Fiscal Payroll

PayrollFiscal.jpg (13167 bytes)

Note Payroll Code as payroll, rent, hardship allowance, travel allowance, over time, fuel, tax, provident fund


PayrollTrans.jpg (10141 bytes)


PayrollTrans.jpg (10141 bytes)

Seminar Transaction

SeminarTrans.jpg (9720 bytes)

Welfare Transaction

Health and Welfare.jpg (18520 bytes)

Fiscal Evaluation

Evaluation Fiscal.jpg (10302 bytes)

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