Enterprise Resource Planning


               The Enterprise Commerce Planning System prepare for business in the future will have a 3 persons to do a business that a producer, transporter and user. The producer means is an employee and produce, sell and buy a material for production process. The producer will contract the users and transporter. The transporter has responsibility for transport a goods and to see a warehouse. And the users used a product and buy a product with producer. The users is a customer or supplier.

               Our solution provides for all commerce such as wholesale, manufacturing, hotel, hospital, bank, insurance, transportation, leasing, cooperative society. Your company is not necessary to have an office or employee in the future because our solution can help you to do the business on yourself. The transaction in our solution is flowing under the diagram of commerce. You can keep your business transaction to our server. Our solution allows users to view, create, and maintain their own data at any time, from their workstations, anywhere in the world. Our solution provides automated multicompany and multisite centralized. Your transaction is a high security because our solution have more security for protect the transaction. The application has a security and authorization concepts to control access to data and prevent unauthorized access. Solutionís data authorization concept that protects customersí data from unauthorized access is, at the same time, highly sophisticated and individually customizable. Our solution provides an integrated set of strategic solutions for giving your organization that competitive edge. Internet and Intranet technology has opened up important new opportunities a HR System and E-Commerce System. You can convert report results into HTML format to make them accessible via Internet, company Intranet, or e-mail. Our solution can show multi currency for transactions. Our solution can estimated cost per unit when the management levels want to view cost of sale. Database in our solution is more efficient and easy to modify the screen interface.

Objective of Financial Management System

          1. The management level can plan the another business. The system is control the data and to do the business.

          2. The Financial Management System is an Enterprise Commerce Planning solution.

          3. The Financial Management System is a Corporate Distributed Commerce System and The Corporate Distributed Commerce System is merge the distribute business in organization.

Object of Human Resources Management System

          1. Human Resources Management System provides to choose an applicant for position and evaluate the efficient of person for tasks.

          2. Analysis and define route of motivate for efficiency such as assess more efficiency when increasing the wage bonus and welfare.

          3. Analysis and evaluate for developing the employee with a new job such as the development ratio for new job in every month, the development ratio for training

          4. The use the accounting data for evaluation the cost in each position and department such as efficiency ration of performance per department.