Business to Business (B2B)

               B2B is a one type of a business on the Internet network and a community business. B2B is a community business that makes a connection between organization. This commerce is a community business from send E-main, transfer a data and exchange the data via EDI.

               JiniB2B.Com is

               1. Distributor

                    JiniCommerce set a distributor is a department in organization. JiniB2B.Com is a distributed for the organization. The factory has no charge for distributor but has a percent charge for selling. The organization is pass a customer and can check the service such as the delivery, the service. JiniCommerce is inform to customer while distributor is sending a product.

               2. Maintain Distributor

                    The organization can contract with distributor to verify and follow up the process. And JiniB2B.Com has only the implementation fee.