Business to Customer (B2C)

               B2C is a one type of a business on the Internet network and a public business. B2C is a type of business to customer. You can order a product and service via Internet. B2C is comfortable to find a product and service. Your business is directly connected to factories that reduce a price of product and service.


               JiniB2C.Com is

                      1. Front Office

                      B2C included the Front Office Module such as booking a doctor, the follow up the test result at home. But you must have a priority for access the B2C database, the owner’s database must approve the transaction for customer accessing.

                           a. Shopping 

                                The shopping is look like a show room on Internet. You can connect to every supplier and do the business from order till the get a product at your home. You can get the confirmation status document from supplier in every process.

                           b. Maintenance

                              Jini B2C.Com prepares a service after sale to customer for checks the service of supplier, check a history of maintenance.

                                  - Maintenance to Customer

                                      Maintenance to Customer is a company take care for product after sale as by contract or request. JiniCommerce keep a transaction, status and history of customer’s maintenance. Both company and customer can check the person to whom for maintenance and a confirmation document in every process.

                                  - Answer a Question

                                  Answer a Question is a service for solves the problem about JiniCommerce and solution. JiniCommerce will have a charge for set a priority of answer a question of JiniCommerce. JiniCommerce is set a password to your company for checking the question. You can check the question or ask a question when you have a problem.

                                  - Answer a Question by Expert System & Simulation

                                  The system show a picture of product when customer ask a question. You and customer will get a same problem. This solution can solve a problem very clearly, correctly and quickly. You will have a charge the same with the answer a question. You can run an application via the Internet browser, the system show a picture of product look like simulation.