JiniSoft Engine Specification

               The goal of Natural wants to create a simple management database for e-commerce. Natural used Jini to Cluster Technology and call JiniSpaces. JiniSpaces is a coordinate cluster engine. JiniSpacesis distributing an object multi-tread to many servers or many services for multi-thread process. JiniSpaces is support application can run many server or many client in the same time. JiniSpace provide a server/service in a network and create spontaneous interactions between programs that use the server/service. JiniSpace can manage a server/service in a network between server with client or client with client.

               Intelligent Management will create minimum 3 servers/services as primary, secondary and mirror. The primary and secondary server/service will store into sameness and the mirror will store into another location. Each server/service will check a traffic process to send to the Intelligent Management when the status is change. Intelligent Management is select a low traffic server/service for save a data. This method is a cluster Technology for distributed a process to many servers or many services.

               Coordinate JiniSpaces prepare for client or server connect to one or more lookup server/service. Each lookup server/service will connect to Intelligent Management that is a mirror lookup server/service.

               Intelligent Management is built around one or more lookup server/service. Each lookup server/service is separate a data to many servers or many services and also separate minor of data that call page. Lookup server/service is separate data by set a minimum and maximum in primary of field. The server/service then registers its proxy object with each lookup server/service. Lookup server/service is keeping a query and result of query on the cache memory. Natural will merge the query and result of query on the lookup into one cache when the database have a low traffic processing.

               For Jini Technology,  the client can select or many services from look up for process such as application is selected many services for print but JiniSpacesuse application print to distributing intelligence management and intelligence management is manage a printer by document condition.

          JiniSoft Engine Management for Client

               JiniSoft Engine is query a data by Object Orient SQL (OO-SQL) . OO-SQL is created by visual design that display a data to XHTML. You can create a form by XHTML and request. The request is refer a field in database by symbol for query a form. Visual design used JiniSoft Engine Management for client for send an OO-SQL to server then OO-SQL is return a result to the JiniSoft Engine Management for Memory and send response to client by XHTML. If the client ever to have a query, the visual design is immediately display a result from the cache.

               JiniSoft Engine Management for Memory manage an optimizing memory on client. JiniSoft Engine Management for Client is transfer a data to XML, JDO, JDBC and SQL by query of OO-SQL and exchange database with Microsoft .NET by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). JiniSoft Engine Management for Client prepare a Reference Cache, JiniSoft Engine Proxy and JiniSoft Engine Backup for manage a data on client.

               The Reference Cache use a cache memory on client to keep a data when you referemce from a server. The JiniSoft Engine Proxy is look like a branch of organization and prepare for keep all data from table about original. Normally you only backup a database from the server but JiniSoft Engine allow you to backup at the client and call JiniSoft Engine Backup. JiniSoft Engine Backup have a responsibility for transfer a data from server to client.

               JiniSoft Engine is used TCP for connect with General DataBase and used UDP for connect with MediaBase.


               JiniSoft Engine prepare a security is:

               1. Multi-RSA / Compress (Disable / Enable / Level)

                    The Multi-RSA prepare for JiniSoft Engine Backup and save to Share-I/O ( all Table in same file ) but RSA prepare for process save to distributed-I/O. Because of the distributed-I/O is a security for internal JiniSoft Engine that have a other security for protect data. But JiniSoft Engine Backup will save to external JiniSoft Engine that prepare a high security for decompress data. Security is setting by designer into a configuration of table. Also admin can define a security if a designer didn't setting.

                    The compress have many option such as disable, enable and level and up to process. If system select the enable option for compress, the JiniSoft Engine is a high speed more than disable. So Intelligent Management is select a compress method to considerate by performance, traffic and storage. Especially the storage if you store into a distributed-I/O and Jiro Technology, the compress method is affect to speed so much. And you store into JDO and JDBC is not affective.

               2. Multi-Password

                    JiniSoft Engine allow to set a many level for a priority. You must entry a password every level when you want to access a record. For example you have a money in your safe and your safe is to lie in a bedroom at home. If you want to get a money from your safe, you will go in a home and a bedroom and then open a safe. If you see a money is a record, you must have a key for access to many level.

               3. Row

                    When you create transaction the system is automatic insert field usercreate, userupdate, timecreate, timeupdate, ipcreate, ipupdate for checking a transaction. If you insert or update a transaction, JiniSoft Engine will checking these fields before insert or update a transaction

               4. Column

                    The information is keep in relation field, reference field, organize field and security field. Relation field is a tree and use for internal reference object. Reference field use for table reference object. Organize field is symbol for department or group and use for external reference object. Security field is contain a original, populate, department and security. The original is a tree and keep the information of company. The populate is only keep information of personal. The department is a tree. The security is a tree and have 4 block for check the priority of security: the first block is checking priority of the upper level, the next block is checking priority of itself level, the third block is checking priority of lower level and the last block show operator "and/or" for a field, the security, department and original field must have operator "and" and the populate must have operator "or". A block is show a priority mode, Natural have 4 priority mode such as query, reference, edit and delete.

          Storage Management Platform

               JiniSoft Engine can use with many platform and managed by storage management platform. The storage management platform have many format for save update and backup a data such as file, database. The storage management platform manage to a file format for a Oracle platform by share-I/O and a Microsoft SQL Server ( and IBM DB2 ) platform by distributed-I/O. This use JDO, JDBC for JAVA, ADO, ODBC for Microsoft to manage to database format. The storage management platform support the Jiro Technology . Jiro Technology is look like a Jini Technology that have a lookup service and a storage data management. Jiro Technology is not manage a I/O or file but manage the physical data below the file. The advantage of Jiro Technology is very easy to remove a hard disk when hard disk is damage.