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You can see a detail at JiniSoft Engine Specification .


                Now many DotCOM is get lose. Because of cost per performance is so high, The DataBase and operating system have effect to a cost, you can see the price of performance in web site www.tpc.org This web site show a table compare price with system, DataBase and operating system.

                Natural is successful for developing the Cluster Object Orient Database ( Cluster OODB ) . The Cluster OODB is a high performance and speed that developed from Special DataBase of Telecommunication and Java language. The Java can run a plug and play of object and no need to re-compile again. The Special DataBase become to the General DataBase because this reason. The General DataBase implement DataBase, MediaBase, Knowledge, ProcessBase and still use the physical algorithm of Special DataBase that called JiniSoft Engine.

                For example AMAZON.COM has a price per performance 10 - 100 US$ per transaction per minute and not included the operating cost.

                JiniSoft Engine is developed from Special DataBase concept that support unlimit records, more than 10,000 transactions per second ( or 600,000 transactions per minute ) and estimated cost 120,000 baht.

                JiniSoft Engine have a cost about 0.2 baht per transaction per minute or 0.005 US$ per transaction per minute. If AMAZON.COM or DotCOM  use JiniSoft Engine, the company can run faster 1,000 - 2,000 X ( one hundred percent ) and reduce 2,000 - 20,000 X ( one hundred percent ) of cost.

                The E-Commerce support a lot of transaction because that a Co-operating Distributed Commerce to Customer Relation Management. For example the DataBase of people in Thailand will have more than 60 million transactions. You can use a disk space 4 KB per one person or use a disk space 240 GB for all DataBase. You must use a lot of money for a capital.

                JiniSoft Engine have a property of inheritable and encapsulation structure of Object Orient, each inheritance data can separate to many machine. When you query a DataBase, you will query to Intelligent Management. The Intelligent Management is control the every machine to process the query and each machine is process own data by look up service. JiniSoft Engine is separate the data in each machine that manage more index in portion of data. For this method the DataBase is more efficiency, use least resource and support the large DataBase. For example the DataBase of people in the world you can use the server 1,000 to 10,000 machine for separate the data in each country because the most request will happen in each country.

                JiniSoft Engine is query a data by Object Orient SQL ( OO-SQL ) . OO-SQL is created by visual design  that display a data to XHTML form. You can create a form by XHTML and refer a field in database by symbol. JiniSoft Engine Management for Client is transfer a data to JDO, JDBC and SQL directly and responds with a reference proxy for itself.

                The JiniSoft Engine Management for Client is built around one or more look up client. The look up client is connect to Intelligence Management and then connect to look up service/server. The look up service/server is separated data for each client. The look up service/server is separated data in each page by minimum and maximum of field in each primary key. Intelligent Management is interact with Java XML and Query Proxy.

                The storage management platform on JiniSoft Engine is a technology for manage the access a data from other platform by JDO, JDBC, share I/O (both share nothing and share I/O), distributed I/O and Jiro technology for access a data from other platform.

  • Speed of JiniSoft Engine
    1. Natural used Intel Pentium III 800 MHz Ram 512 MB and 100,000 records for testing JiniSoft Engine.

      JiniSoft Engine can save more than 10,000 records per second and query more than 100,000 records per second .

      And the speed for save and query is not change so much if the data is up to 500,000 records as can save 10,000 records per second and query 100,000 records per second.

      For the result JiniSoft Engine is a high performance more than SQL Server 1,000 - 2,000 times in the same environment. If you use many machine for multi-processing , the speed of JiniSoft Engine is similar with quantity of machine. The Intelligent Management is immediately manage the response for the re-query command. The speed of JiniSoft Engine is up to the ram. 

    2. For Special DataBase, the structure of program is a 3 GL format and convert from byte code to machine code. But the programming structure of General DataBase is a 4 GL format by script mode. Natural allow user design DataBase by Visual Design . Visual Design is allow user to define the query in graphic mode and design a form to create java source code. The engine of JiniSoft Engine :

      JiniSoft Engine for WAP not exceed to 128 K and Version 1.0 to estimate 80 K

      JiniSoft Engine for OODB not exceed to 256 K and Version 1.0 to estimate 120 K

      JiniSoft Engine for Cluster OODB not exceed to 512 K and Version 1.0 to estimate 200 K

    3. DataBase Object is a table or records. Each DataBase Object has a own property. DataBase Object is reduce the coding for management verify and relation.

               Java Hotspot Server is optimize transfer from byte code to machine code. ( The byte code in Java language is look like pcode in visual basic language ) Normally if you use C/C++ language you must compile application to 386 architecture machine because the application can run on 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium MMX, Pentium II, Pentium III. If you prepare for computer architecture and assembly when you are coding an application, your application will higher performance more than 5 - 10 X ( one hundred percent ) and also you think about physical algorithm application will high performance 10 - 100 X ( one hundred percent ) . All of these Java can control a performance and easy to design for complex physical algorithm.

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