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JiniSoft Product
JiniSoft Billing
ERP / E-Resource
Enterprise Resource Planning
- Financial
- Front Office
- Manufacturing
- Human Resource
- Accounting Format
- Relation Diagram
- Transaction Diagram
- Customer Relation Management
EBP / E-Business
Enterprise Business Planning
ECP / E-Commerce
Enterprise Commerce Planning
EIP / E-Intellignece
Enterprise Intelligence Planning
High-Speed Cluster OODB

Jini is new networking technology and trademark of Sun Microsystems. It's concept how to do distributed systems for device network and enterprise network, coordinating and co-operating distributed systems, co-connecting millions of people worldwide, simultaneously, around the clock on Internet.

JiniSoft is trademark of JiniSoft Corporation and research & develop the engine software to create java source code or java neural network of Artificial Intelligence. Java Platform have special about the dynamic class-loading feature, so we can compile and play inside execution of application, that can create the Dynamic Intelligence .

Fist, JiniSoft behavior application when you take Business Logic to put in that. Secound, JiniSoft take callback of output to overhaul logic, source code and information for decide. Next, JiniSoft will support Engineer Logic for Device.

JXTA & Web Service

JiniSoft Corporation

Intelligence Neural Network

Artificial intelligence need flexible, secure, scalable and speed of DataBase. JiniSoft Engine is Object-Orient DataBase, can store Java Serializable Object in field of DataBase, have protecting field and record of DataBase by human relation management, member in object field can be virtual field, and have speed query and access to DataBase by engine can convert design to java source code.

JiniSoft Corporation

Knowledge Neural Network

JiniSoft Engine will distribute large table to sub-session in many storage by space of multi-field value, many sub-session can combin to one file or one sub-session can distribute to many storage and many DataBase Proxy Server and Automatic transfer all updated record to support on-line & off-line connection, coordinating and co-operating distributed sessions.

Java Client Network

JiniSoft Framework

.NET Client Network

JiniSoft Framework on Socket Protocol ( RLI : Remote Logic Interface )

What is requirement of business ? No, Microsoft Platform, Java Platform, Web Service, ... . But that is the best response to customer by low cost, low feedback problem and ready in future.

Web Service are only message communication for integration or bridge to flexible responese, but they aren't the new technology and the best response to customer, they have feedback problem as low speed, high cost.

JiniSoft Corporation

Coordinating and co-operating distributed application to intelligence

JiniSoft Corporation

Framework is user interface to application

The best response need coordinating and co-operating distributed commerce with customer. The Jini Intelligence Technology is answer , but that isn't easiness for Enterprise Intelligence. We will develop step by step and all step will included the Expert System for fix logic and the Artificial Intelligence for dynamic logic.

Step of development.

  • JiniSoft E-Billing ( Enterprise Billing )

    That emphasize transaction and business integration by Java 2 Platform & Microsoft .NET

  • JiniSoft E-Business ( Enterprise Business )

    That will emphasized philosophy, marketing and business planning by uml language.

  • JiniSoft E-Commerce ( Enterprise Commerce )

    That will emphasized to coordinate between software and hardware by uml language.

  • JiniSoft E-Intellignece ( Enterpise Intelligence )

    That will emphasized to co-operating distributed Intelligence by Jini Intelligence.

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