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Co-Operating Distributed Billing

Structure of JiniSoft.Com


    Framework is a tool for making an application that is ease to use. System Analyst or Programmer is only define a little of condition or some detail and this application can running on every platform and can coordinate working between Java platform, Windows platform, Browser and PDA / WAP.

    System Analyst and Programmer is only design a relation of Database / MediaBase and Transaction that an objective of Framework. Framework have a function for manage a Query, Graphic User Interface (GUI), Process, Control and Communication.

    Framework is contain a Framework on Client and Framework on Server that can work on the same computer (Stand Alone). We are reduce a communication function if framework is work in Stand Alone on the Desktop.

  • Framework on Client 

    Framework on Client is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) in 2D or 3D. Framework on Client is represent for a performance of Framework on Server that have a 3 format as:

  • JiniMedia 

JiniMedia will be create for use the most efficiency of resource of computer and represent for a performance of Framework on Server in 2D, 3D and Media format. JiniMedia is an appropriate for more processes. 

  • JiniWAP

JiniWAP is a abridgement of JiniMedia. JiniWAP is use for a small media as a mobile or PDA / WAP. JiniWAP is an appropriate for special project.

  • XHTML / WML / Browser

JiniMedia and JiniWAP is an interactive web application that appropriate to deep process. But JiniMedia and JiniWAP on browser is active when press submit that appropriate for non-complicate process such MIS, Shopping or Service.

  • Framework on Server

    Framework on Server is provide for manage a process, control and communication as:

  • SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol )

SOAP is an API function and not up to a platform that use for XML / RPC ( RPC: Remote Process Control ) Protocol to connect with CORBA or Microsoft DCOM.

  • Smart Media

Smart Media is a Digital Signal Processing (DSP)  that manage a digital signal via RTP / UDP Protocol and display to client. Smart Media is appropriate for Media Conference such StartOffice, WebServer, NotePad, EditPlus, Smart Document, E-Training or E-Learning that open source code to modify a DataBase / MediaBase.

  • Telephony

Telephony is a media / voice over IP protocol for connect between computer with computer, computer with PABX or telephone exchange. Telephony can keep a telephone data or do a business via voice.

  • Mail Server ( JiniMail )

JiniMail is a mail server for analysis and process a business via E-Mail and keep a business item (order, delivery) for verify a business.

  • WebServer

WebServer is use for generate report and directly connect to JiniBase by FTP / HTTP. WebServer must protect a hacker that not allow to directly to connect to File.

  • JiniIntelligence have an Intelligent Management to be a main function. 

JiniIntelligence contains:

  • JiniBase is a Engine of JiniOS. The main funcion of JiniBase is
  1. Process is a query, report or transaction.
  2. Memory  have a function for manage a most efficiency memory by a Cache / Zip Cache for item of DataBase / MediaBase Technique. For Cache / Zip Cache for item of DataBase / Media Base Technique can create a ratio of  RAM with DataBase is 1 : 100.

  1. Media & File have a function for File Server via FTP / TCP Protocol and  for Media Server via RTP / UDP. This reason can change a DataBase / MediaBase become to File / Media Server.
  2. I/O have a function for manage a resource via Jini Network and Microsoft Univer Plug & Play Protocol.  
  3. Security have a function for item security. In each item is contain a CreateUser, CreateDate, CreateIP, CreateTrans, UpdateUser, UpdateDate, UpdateIP, UpdateTrans, LockUser, LockDate and ApproveUser [] Field. (ApproveUser [] Field use for Table or session to be set a transaction is batch) Security is a right to access a database by department and management level in Human Resource Management System format. 
  • Jini Network & UPnP have a function for connect to hardware that control an Plug & Play I/O process via Jini Network Protocol. Jini Network can run on Java 2 Platform and UPnP can run or Microsoft Windows ME / 2000 / XP.

Component of JiniBase

Structure of JiniBase

Structure of JiniBase is contain a 3 main process as:

    Framework is designed for use with every platform and special for Graphic User Interface (GUI). Framework is interested about 

  • Table of DataBase    is designed for verify an internal relation or external relation (Organize) and display in Tree or Table format. 
  • Field of Table        is designed for verify a property of field. The property of field is define a framework process for display or modify an internal data of field. Field may be is an array, object or media. 
  • Sort of Query     is defining for sorting a database by selected field or filter a data when display a query or table.
  • Transaction    is define a relation of Table and Query or interest a process, query or report

Framework for filter database


Framework will submit a database to report when press browser.


    OODB prepare for user is designing a DataBase / MediaBase in Field, Table and Query. And then will be generate to Java Source Code. OODB prepare for most efficiency of resource and keep a Engine and Framework condition.


Example Design Table Framework: Table is contain a field and field is an object that contain a primary, index and item.

The primary section is contain an one or more object primary field. Engine is not allow to create duplicate primary in item and JiniBase will show one item if duplicate primary. Engine always sort an index field and primary field when engine is not busy or low performance.

Field Type in Table as :

  • Standard is a type of Field

    • Primitive for query are boolean, byte, char, short, int, long, float and double .

    • Comparable implemented form java.lang.Comparable for query such as Date, String, Telephone, BigDecimal, BigInteger, Currency ( Multi-Currency ), Text ( Multi-Language ), Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), ...

    • Serializable implemented form java.io.Serializable for store and transfer such as java.applet.*, java.awt.*, javax.swing.*, java.util ( ArrayList, HashMap, Hashtable, LinkedList, TreeMap, TreeSet and Vector ), ...

    • Everything implemented form java.lang.Object to processing

  • Sequence is group of field ( same table ), designed by user to manage same field in many table,
    implemented form java.lang.Comparable by only compare the primary field.

  • Reference is a type for reference to record of own table that call internal relation ( display in tree format ). So Reference can refer to record of other table that call external relation ( display in explorer format ) and not only that is display in Spread Sheet format, together with a reference field is the primary object of record ( in table ) and extend from Sequence.

  • Media is a type for java media framework such as AIFF, AU, AVI, FILE, GSM, IMAGE, MIDI, MPEG, QuickTime, WAVE

  • Between is a type for setting a range of data in Standard ( Primitive & Comparable ), Sequence and Reference.

  • Array is a type for define array of Field in Standard, Sequence, Reference, Media, and Between.

The example of field type is a string. The internal structure of string will be define an object is a database and in each item in database is contain a language and text.

A message will be display which language by the user setting. If a database don't have a wanted language, database will be a selected a language by sequence of user define language.

The example of Multi-Currency. If a field is declare a data type to currency, the structure of currency object contains a value, rate of exchange and date of exchange.JiniBase will display a user key-in currency but JiniBase can display a main currency.

    Engine is designed for Speed of Query / Transaction on E-Commerce

Benchmark on Pentium 800 MHz RAM 512 MB and 1 Million items

  • 10,000 items / Second or 60,000 items / Minute for Save
  • 200,000 items / Second or 12,000,000 items / Minute for Query


     We are separate a customer to 3 level as:

  • Low Level

    Low Level marketing is a free software as:

  • Customer must adapt to software
  • Customer can customize or some create module add on.
  • Customer can get a service from partnet. A service on site will have a service charge per time and a Remote Maintenance on internet will be have a sevice charge per hour (calcuate in second).
  • Customer must register when download a software and have a execute rights and read rights.
  • Medium Level
  • Customer is indepency for Jjinisoft.net but must to be a franchise of  jinisoft.net.
  • Customer must buy a some license of software.
  • Customer can customize or some create module add on.
  • Customer must display a jinisoft.net banner and then customer connect with jinisoft.netthat will be download a customer's product and display at jinisoft.net.
  • Customer must register when free download a software and have a execute rights and read rights that display a source code. If you don't want to display a source code, you can use a Java API or .NET API for create an application.

   In case the customer want to upgrade ERP software, we don't have a service charge. But the customer must exchange an E-Commerce data such as the purchase budget because jinisoft.net is display your purchase budget. And a vendor can make a business by purchase budget.

  • High Level
  • Customer is indepency for jinisoft.net.
  • Customer must buy a license for move office to web.
  • Customer must buy a license for E-Commerce.
  • Customer can customize or create module add on yourself.


  1. Free...    JiniOS.Com in Shareware format and under of jinisoft.net condition that is a ( Co-operate Distributed Business ).

  2. We are include an application with JiniOS.Com. We are open 4GL source code of application such as Enterprise Resource Planning for E-Commerce and JiniSoft Billing. The 4GL source code is define for a partner, system analyst, programmer and user can study yourself. We will be have a 10 percent of module add on and 20 percent of service charge of Remote Maintenance on internet .

  3. You can selected a partner for adjust and add on a program upt to a customer requirement.

  4. We have a Certificate for people or corporate that to give a consult for function or type of business such as hotel hospital finance credit import/export.

  5. We are consult and create a module fot user requirement for internal and external foundation organization.


    Distributed Marketing

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