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               JiniCommerce is Co-operating Distributed Commerce to decide. JiniCommerce can run on WAP, Desktop, Intranet and Internet. JiniBase Proxy Server help JiniCommerce for connection both on-line and off-line. JiniCommerce.Com is a Data Center of Business to help you to do a business directly, quickly and reduce a cost of organization.

Diagram 1: Show a Commerce for a large business on Java Platfrom and Microsoft Platfrom.

JiniCommerce.Com Diagram show the JiniCommerce Solution.

               Co-operating Diagram show the relation of the business with customer. When the customer want to purchase a product, you will do the business to commerce (B2C) model. The B2C model will build the back office transaction and connect to another organization. The back office module is a Commerce to business (C2B) model and the connection with another organization is a business to business (B2B) module. If your vendor is not ready for delivery, the system will select a same business and have a relation of business to delivery.

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